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Years Guarantee

The statutory warranty in the country of purchase has unlimited application to this product. Vistafloor Decor also offers a warranty of 15 years for domestic use. This warranty comes into effect from the date of purchase. The original, dated purchase invoice, complete with the distributor's stamp, will need to be submitted. The date of purchase is the invoice date. The warranty can only be invoked if all of the conditions below have been fulfilled. Please consult the manufacturer or distributor if you have any doubts.

  1. The warranty only applies to the first owner of the floor. The person deemed to be the first owner is the person stated as the buyer on the purchase invoice.

  2. The warranty only applies to defects inherent to the material supplied. This is understood to mean any material or production defects acknowledged by the manufacturer, including the delamination or reduced resistance to wear of the top layer.

  3. The warranty can only be invoked if the surface area damaged for each laminated panel is greater the 1 sq.cm.

  4. It must be possible to provide proof of compliance with the installation and maintenance instructions recommended by the manufacturer. These instructions are located on the underside of the packaging in every third pack. If the instructions are not there, they should be requested from the manufacturer or distributor. If installation is not carried out by the end-user, at least one copy of these installation and maintenance instructions must be handed over to the end-user by the installer.

  5. It must be possible to provide proof that only the recommended Ultraclick accessories were used to install the laminate floor (identifiable from the Ultraclick label).

  6. The warranty provided applies solely for installation in areas intended for private use. For other applications, an individual written warranty must be requested from the manufacturer.

  7. Damage of a mechanical nature, such as scratches (for example caused by dragging furniture) or damage caused by falling objects, are NOT covered by this warranty. The feet of furniture must always be provided with appropriate protective material. Office chairs must always be fitted with soft wheels.

  8. The ingress of sand and/or dust on to the floor should be prevented by installing a suitable mat by the entrance door(s).

  9. The floor may not be installed in damp areas (such as bathrooms) or in extremely dry areas or areas where there are extremely high temperatures (such as saunas)

  10. Moisture left on the floor and/or cleaning that is too wet and/or the use of inappropriate cleaning products, must be avoided at all times.

  11. Flooring panels must be checked carefully for material defects before and during installation. Panels with visible defects must not be installed under any circumstances. The distributor must be informed in writing of such defects within 15 days. After this time has elapsed, no further complaints will be accepted.

  12. Liability arising from this warranty is restricted to:

    • Hidden defects. These are defects that were not visible before or during the installation of the laminate floor.

    • The cost of removing and replacing the material is always borne by the purchaser.

    • Vistafloor Decor NV can never be held liable for any secondary damage.

  13. Wear must be notified in writing to the distributor at the latest within 30 days of being noticed.

  14. Vistafloor Decor NV reserves the right, and must be offered the opportunity, to inspect the complaint in situ and, where applicable, to inspect the floor in its installed condition.

  15. In cases where complaints are upheld, only panels from the current supply programme at the time the complaint is upheld, will be supplied, via the distributor. There will be no other form of compensation.

  16. This warranty is on a sliding scale. When it is applied, account must be taken of a fractional reduction in value caused by wear and tear of 1/15 per year.

  17. The services provided as part of this warranty do not extend the original warranty period.





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