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Floating Floor / Engineered Floor Underlay

Polycell floating floor 2-in-1 underlay

Polycell 2mm, 2-in-1 with moisture seal

from $2.4 per sqm

floating floor 2-in-1 foam underlay

Imported 3mm thick, 2-in-1 with moisture seal 

from $1.5 per sqm

The above underlay is good for laminate flooring and floating timber flooring (engineered timber flooring). Solid timber flooring does NOT required underlay for installation unless in multi-level dwellings where an accoustic underlay is required. Solid timber flooring may require a builder's plastic sheet as a moisture barrier.

Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic underlay is often required in high rise apartments. We supply 3mm or 5mm rubber cork acoustic underlay that meets or exceeds the acoustic requirement of BCA (Building Code of Austrlia). (ISO-140-7) Our price starts from $280 per roll (20 square meters). Please call us for advise on accoustic underlay.


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